Edible Grade Salt are the minerals that are commonly used in foods to increase the taste and are available in various forms such as unrefined salt, refined salt, iodised salt. They appears as a white crystalline solid with a pale pink or light grey colour. These are obtained from sea water or from rock deposits by processing them from through various processes. Edible Grade Salt comes in fine and solid crystals. They are highly rich in sodium chloride and also includes other vital traces of different minerals. These are essential to the health of humans and it is one of the five basic taste sensations.
Industrial Grade Salt are the raw form of naturally obtained rock salt that can be used for various industrial applications such as water conditioning, de-icing of highways, agriculture, manufacturing and industry process. These can also be used for the production of caustic soda by separating them by the electrolysis of a pure brine solution and the manufacturing of Poly vinyl chloride, plastics, paper pulp and a variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Industrial Grade Salt can be used as an emulsifier for synthetic rubber and for the firing of pottery, when salt added to the furnace. 

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